Introducing each Letter with a Graphic Organizer

A colleague of mine shared this idea. When introducing each letter of the alphabet (when they come up in Harcourt) use a graphic organizer to show what they know about that letter. I did not have the GO for each letter, so I decided it would be nice to have this in one document, which of course I am sharing with you all! The students write the upper case and lower case letter, then they draw a picture of something that begins with that letter sound, and last you can either have several clip art cut out (which saves time) OR have them find something in a magazine to cut out (in you have more time) that begins with that letter sound & glue it in the corresponding section. I have done it both ways. When I have it cut out for them, I always throw in other beginning sound pictures. After they have completed each box, they are to phonetically spell the words they drew and glued. This is GREAT practice! Click blank image below for the {FREE} resource:






  1. I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing! Is it possible to post a copy using manuscript font?

  2. this is considered a manucript font (on my computer), which manuscript font are you looking for exactly? I could, but it will be added to my list of to-dos once I know the name of the font you need - thanks!

  3. Thanks for this!! It will be perfect for my class! Hailey from Autism Tank