Adding Text to uneditable PDFs & Upcoming

I have several PDF documents I have saved over the years, which are NOT editable. I wanted to play around with Adobe Reader today to see how to add text. Some of you may have figured this out long ago, but for those of you who have purchased or downloaded uneditable PDFs & do NOT know, here is a little guide: (oh, before I get started, I have a lovely file I am working on - Kindergarten Common Core-Style Calendar Folder - coming very soon!! & it will be editable!!!)

How to insert text in a NON-Editable PDF:

**note - before you begin, please know that the largest font size is 24, so I am showing you a reasonable sized item to place text on below**

First, you need to open your PDF document in Adobe Reader - I have Adobe Reader X. Once open, you want to click on the word "Sign" - please click on each image for larger view:

Now, under that section, you will see a symbol and the words "Add Text" - click on this:

Once you click this, a separate (detached) toolbar will pop up. Once this pops up, you will have to place your cursor on the area you want to add your text. You CAN NOT change the font, color, etc. until you have placed your cursor where you want it.

place cursor, then you can change settings
Now you have your area - go ahead and change your font, size, color, etc. to your liking. The size will only go up to 24 (pooey). Not sure if there is a way to change this or not - if you know, let me

Once your have all your setting as you wish, begin typing in the area you want your text. For these little owls, I would like to place student names on their tummies.

We ALL make mistakes, so what if I do not like the way it looks or how it is placed? How to I remove it? Simple, just double click on the text and a gray box will appear around it - now press delete or backspace on your keyboard.

Continue adding text where you wish.

You are finished adding text, now just click the 'x' on the toolbar, print or save your document as usual.

Hope this helps someone in some way - now maybe all those PDFs that were uneditable will be easier to use!!! :) Let me know if you try it!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I did not know you could do this. There are a couple of things that I have wanted to add text to and I ended up printing them and then just writing on them...this would be so much better!
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  2. I am your newest follower! This is great! Thanks so much for sharing!! Come check out my blog.I am new to the blogging world.



  3. This is such an amazing tip! I have been saving so many PDF files to my computer lately that I think I may be able to use for this upcoming school year. It's good to know that I can make little changes to things too. I have just started teaching and blogging but I love reading your posts for new ideas.

  4. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I have spent so much time trying to either figure this trick out or saving-opening-resaving-cutting-pasting pdf's just to get this done! ahhhh!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  5. yay - so very happy that this is helpful to others:):) let me know if you have any questions & i will do my best to answer them!!

  6. I already knew how to do this but realized that everyone else at my school probably does not. I am passing your link along to them. It is so easy to follow!

    Thank you for sharing it!

    Cathy I.
    Mrs. I's Class

  7. thanks so much Cathy - hope it helps them:):)

  8. You should also check out PDFescape. It allows u to upload PDFs from Internet or computer and edit them. :)


  9. Thanks a million, always wanted to be able to do this, just couldnt figure it out!!