First Day of Kindergarten Linky Party...

I LOVE KINDERGARTEN!! Okay... I have only 'officially' taught kindergarten for 3 years, but prior to that taught pre-k (not much different at the beginning - just a little more immature than kinders), and I student taught in Kindergarten, so I feel I have more experience than my total 9 years of teaching shows...LOL! Anywho... I SOOOOO forget how needy  untrained the children are at the beginning (not to mention how entirely exhausted I feel the first 2 weeks).

I am linking up with Mrs. Z @ Teaching with Z for her First Day of Kindergarten linky party:) Join in by clicking the link below:


My typical first day looks like this (routines, routines, routines!!!):

7:20 - Student begin arriving. I show them where to hang their bags. My para will grab and begin sorting all supplies & comfort children. I talk with parents (briefly). I MAKE SURE I KNOW HOW THEY WILL GET HOME (the MOST important thing)!! I calm any nerves (by giving lots of hugs). Student usually color something while everyone arrives:) My goal is to get parents out by announcements! (click on images to go to those pages:)


8:00 - Anouncements: I will begin explaining (while the principal talks) who he is & that this will happen every day. I encourage them to watch me, so they know what to do (model, model, model:).

8:10 - CAMP (specials) - this is the first time I have had kinders begin with CAMP - YIKES! Not sure how we will handle this, but typically afterannouncements, we go to the cafeteria (all together) to learn how to go through the breakfast line - we do this for a week. After that, they are on their own when they arrive. Then, a potty break.

9:00-10:00 - Getting to know you activitiy: we sit in a circle on the carpet. We take turns tossing the squishy ball to one another to tell a little about ourselves - I begin: I am Mrs. Fulbright. My favorite color is purple. I like to eat shrimp! Then, each child has the same chance. If there is time before lunch, we will practice lining up at the door & walking down the hall & look over our daily picture schedule!!

10:30-11:00 - Lunch

11:00-11:30 - Potty break.

11:30-12:00 - Making our Classroom & Playground Rules

12:00 - Recess

12:30-1:00 - Tour of Our School

1:00-1:45 - First Day of school Sheet/Owl "all about me" activity

from Lakeshore

1:45-2:00 - Story time (learning to care for books) "No David" is always a great one to break the ice and make the children feel comfortable:)

2:00-2:45 - Other procedures - We model, then have them practice; model, practice, model, practice... (morning procedures when they first come in; restroom procedures; using supplies, etc.)

2:45 - Snack Time

3:00 - Early dismissal/ extra outside time

3:30 - Final dismissal (HALLELUJAH)!!! Watch them closely to make SURE they do not wander from bus or car lines...LOL!!!

***One IMPORTANT note: things may never go exactly as planned, fit things in as you can on the first day... if you do not get to it, move it to the next day - DO NOT sweat over it!! :) ***

I STRONGLY encourage establishing good rituals and routines before beginning instruction with the students. I have always gotten great compliments on the behaviors of the students (being engaged) as they know exactly what to do... this should be evident throughout the remainder of the school year. If you teach them NOW, it will be a breeze the rest of the year... :):)

BEST OF LUCK on your first days back!!! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your plans! I've been checking into them to help develop my own first day plans! I love the activities you have planned (the Owl Craft and coloring pages are adorable)! Thanks again!

  2. you are MOST welcome, sweetie!! hope you are finding a lot of great ideas!!

  3. Thank you for everything you share here on your blog. I am going into my 4th yr teaching (3rd yr in kinder) and am constantly wowed by the creativity and passion of others like yourself. Have a phenomenal year!! :-)

  4. awe - thanks so much Norma!! this is my 3rd yr in kinder also!! wishing you the best in your next year as well:):)

  5. I just love "No David!" Great book to start with. =) I totally agree with you about routines and modeling. Can never have too much on the first few days. Great post...thank you!

    The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

  6. Thank you so much! This will be my first year teaching, in kindergarten! I'm excited and nervous! Not sure what to expect! Need all the tips and tricks I can get!!

  7. I begin the day with a coloring sample too. I can't believe lunch is at 10:30. Wow!

  8. thanks fir visiting ladies - i know, Mrs. Parker - WAY too early :( I am starving by the time I get home around 4:30-5:00....

  9. thanks for sharing. i love to see how others are starting off their year

    Come check out my new blog/classroom. love to have new visitors :)

    Pre-Schooler Daze

  10. Thanks Kimberlee for all the neat ideas. I jumped right over to your freebies and I am so grateful. Are there any sites similar to your where I can get freebies for kindergarten. I really like all of your freebies.

  11. Thanks Kimberlee for all the neat ideas. I jumped right over to your freebies and I am so grateful. Are there any sites similar to your where I can get freebies for kindergarten. I really like all of your freebies.

  12. I do not know of any that are all free. You can search on TpT and then click on free for freebies there... best of luck and thanks for the sweet comments:)