"Give Me Five" Sight Word Practice

I found a cute idea on pinterest (see link below) on how to incorporate daily sight word practice. We do not have a lot of time to concentrate solely on sight words, it is more embedded. The only homework students have from our class is to practice sight words each night. Usually, a child will set a realistic goal of learning 3-5 in a week, some learn more, some learn less... As long as they master the Kinder words by the end of the school year.

I know that many of our students' parents are unable to assist them with sight words due to work, time, not being able to read the words themselves, etc., so for this reason, I try to incorporate them as much as possible. We play sight word games during any down time, I recorded myself on our iPods reading and showing the words, and I now have a sight word game on our new Ipads. ALL in an effort to help with mastery!!! Now, this is a little added 'bonus' to those other ways we practice:) I made 2 different titles if you wish to use them & 5 different colors of handprints (directions for use is included in the document). You can visit the pinterest link if you wish.

You can get these here!

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Added 6/13/12 -- Mrs. Bremer's Kindergarten as well: (see link)


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  2. This is a fantastic idea!! I absolutely love it! :)
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  4. thanks so much for joining up here:):) it was just easier to have the one:)

  5. This is so much like the High-Five chart I have in my classroom, posted on my blog last December here:http://mrsbremersk.blogspot.ca/2011/12/high-five.html I love your new blog {freebies!} and will be following it :)
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  6. Anita - love it - love the 'high five' name, too - so cute!!! :)