Picked up a few things...

I happened to stumble into the school section, not to mention the $.88-$1.00 item section at Walmart & found these:

Been looking for some JUMBO clips like these - will look
great on my student work display area!! :)

Birthday badges for the girlies, already have some for the fellas,
& I LOVE these magnetic clips - I have several, but can never
have enough - see the magnet - it is SUPER strong!!

My newest find!! 20 to a pack in a variety of colors!! Could use
these for all sorts of things (listed some ideas below).

Up Close of the speech bubble

Could use the speech bubbles to:
  • Add to characters (on an anchor chart) when teaching students how to use speech bubbles in their illustrations
  • Laminate, then glue a stick to the bottom to have dry-erase answer boards
  • Use to make comments around the room to emphasize important notes about skills
  • Use on bulletin board displays
  • etc.
Was not planning on getting teacher items, but you NEVER know when you go to Walmart!! :) Anyone else find anything wonderful lately?


  1. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE the speech bubbles, and esp. the idea of using it with an anchor chart! I'm so happy I found your blog! Please come by and check mine out as well!

    Now I'm wanting a trip to Walmart :)

    Adventures in Second Grade

  2. Gotta love all the school finds this time of year. I got some goodies at Target the other day and then made them even better once I got home. My fav was the magnetic ten frames I was able to put together.
    Mrs. Cobb's Kinder Sprouts

  3. thanks ladies - will check it out Chrissy :)

    Carol - just loved your 10-frame idea!! :)

  4. Cute ideas! I just found your blog! I love it! If you can please stop by my blog and follow! Thanks for sharing!

    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log