Teacher Business Cards: Edit-it Version

Want a card to give parents during open house? Well, here are some Editable Teacher Business Cards. I started the text boxes for you and gave a couple of examples. There are 14 different designs included. Just simply change the information to YOUR information and print on Avery 3612 Business Cards. Click the image for the {FREE} resource:

{Need this item modified - different font, different colors, or need personalization? Click here}


How can I use these cards?

o       Give them out during open house

o       Distribute at conferences to other educators

o       Provide the card during an interview

o       Have some handy if you run into a new teacher buddy at the local teacher store

o       Mail them out with your “Welcome to School” information

o       Give on the first day of school or at parent-teacher conferences

o       Anything else you can think of…

Not sure how to edit the text? Look at this quick tutorial:

*click on images to make larger*

After opening, you can click on the boxes I provided OR create your own boxes (as some do not have the boxes) - First, click on Insert.


Next, find the TEX BOX link - this will expand to Horizontal or Vertical - you want to click Horizontal.


Once you have clicked Horizontal, a text box will pop up - if it does not pop up, there may be a plus sign cursor. If so, click anywhere on the document & the text box will show up. If you click out of the text box before typing, it will be tough to find - be careful! Type in your info - change your color/font, etc. :) Now, drag it by clicking on the edge and holding down your left click button - let go when you have it where you want it:) That's it!!! Best of luck - if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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  1. This is absolutely awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing this resource. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. SO,SO,SO,SO CUTE!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!! We can add a magnet to the back so parents can put it on their fridge and have it handy!! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  3. thanks ladies for the comments - you are most welcome - Polkadotowl...yes, I saw that ideas somewhere not too long ago!! wonderful!!

  4. Marvelous, like your designs, i suggest replace screen shots with video as it governs start to end....

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  6. This is so nice. Thanks for making me able to create plastic business cards designs of my own choice.