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:::::Here's a little about me:::::

I was born in 1980 (2nd of 4 girls:) in Florida. Moved to South Carolina in 1993.

While growing up, I had a love for the sport of Softball, so I played for our recreation dept. and then tried out for our High School team & made it - this was NOT easy. Our team has a long record of consecutive state championships. We also earned state and national championships during my time on the team in the mid 90s. :)

During High School, I met the love of my life, Shannon Fulbright:) We did not attend school together, but spent every possible moment together!! (I always liked the older guys - they were more

After graduating at the top of my class, I decided to head to Clemson University.


I got to missing my Georgia man, while attending Clemson, so we married (1999) and I transfered to Emmanual Christian college and moved to the great state of Georgia! (I also gained a wonderful step-daughter, when marrying my love)

I graduated from Emmanuel in 2004 (Outstanding Senior Award) and earned a position teaching pre-k at a local elementary school.

During my time in Pre-K, I earned my Masters Degree in ECE Reading & Literacy. In addition, my husband and I made the next step as a family and had our beautiful daughter, Chloe Eva!!

I was feeling as though I was not challenged enough in my position, as Prek did not have the opportunity to attend collaboration meetings, etc., so I was very happy to accept a Special Education position at the school I student taught at - very close to home!!! :)

I co-taught 4th & 5th grades and added Special Education certification. I then began my EdS program & finally gained the position I have ALWAYS wanted..... KINDEGARTEN!!!!!!

This is my 3rd year in Kindergartn & my 9th year of teaching and I LOVE it! It is like a hobby for me & I am always eager to learn more and more each year!!! I am willing to try new things and wok very hard for the students with disabilities in my classroom. I love my babies!!

Things I love & other odd facts...

Watching the Clemson Tigers play!!
Watching Nascar races - Go Jimmie Johnson!
Making things - love being crafty:
Love watching hummingbirds - I also collect hummingbird figurines.
Reading my bible is very peaceful!
I taught myself HTML code and created my first website way back in 2003!!
I play the flute - have since I was in 4th grade.
I can wiggle my ears without touching them...LOL!
I love to teach!!!!

Do we have anything in common????


  1. I love being crafty too! That's why I think I love teaching 1st grade so much, because it still gives me the opportunity to put that to good use. :)It was great getting to know more about you!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. i know... being crafty is so mch fun!!! pinterest has sparked a lot more ideas for me lately...:)

  3. Hi! I loved reading about your life. My classroom looks so much like yours - I have a similar carpet right in front where you have it:) Great minds think alike.