Trying something new...

I am linking up with Ms. M to share 4 things I'm going to try for the first time in my class this coming school year!! Please click the image below if you would like to join along:

My 4 things:
  • Try more peer assessing - We have been working on Assessment for Learning strategies and this is the one I have worked on the least, so far. I feel pretty confident with setting criteria with students, setting clear learning targets (I can statements), providing descriptive feedback, etc. Now, I want to really get the students going on assessing themselves & others more effectively prior to conferencing with me!
  • Try NOT to make a stack of paper to file - At the beginning of the year I am pretty good at copying things and filing them back where they belong. As the year progresses, I slowly find myself making a pile (thinking I will file it that day or the next), and then the pile ends up rather large by the end of the year. I DO NOT want this to happen this year!
  • Filing my items by standard - I am just about finished going through TONS of files (2 filing cabinets full) - I have been decluttering and refiling all items based upon the standards. I think this will make life much easier.
  • Try implementing math journals - I have been teaching for 9 years, but since this is only my 3rd year in Kindergarten I have not tried using math journals. I have a good plan for this and plan on making some pages to place into plastic folders for this, PLUS I made math prompt labels that I will stick into their journals. I am excited to see how this will spark some conversation with math this year.
  • (oops...added one more thing) Try Number Talks - our academic coach is wonderful in math (I know first-hand, as I co-taught 5th grade math with her for 2 years), and she has wonderful ideas to build number sense in the lower grades. She came upon Number Talks this past year and I was able to begin reading about it and am excited to try it out this year - a little nervous, but with her assistance I am sure I will be successful.

Come join along and tell us what NEW things you plan on doing this year?? Cannot wait to hear them:)


  1. No matter if there are more than 4. :P They are good ones. Thanks for linking up. More peer assessment... me too!


  2. Oooo I am doing Number Talks too! They are such fun and the kids just love it! Check out my recent post that is all about my math time:
    Mrs. Cobb's Kinder Sprouts

  3. thanks Carole - I just visted your page & am very excited about the Number Talks!!

    Thanks Mrs. M :)