Whooo's Out of the Room? Management

I wanted a cute way to keep up with who's out of the classroom throughout the day. I have students going everywhere (it seems). As the kindergarten special needs classroom, from time to time, I have students going to speech, OT, separate classroom, and others going to the library, office, nurse, ESOL, etc. In order to keep up with who is out of the room, students will sign out on the dry-erase frame:) This is also a great way for them to practice writing their names!!

How did I make it? VERY simple. I just measured the length and width of the frame & created a cute background for that size in my photo/paint program. Then, cut it out and placed it in the frame! That's it!!! I found this particular frame at Ross. I liked this one, because it was sturdy, but any frame will work.

For your convenience, I included an 8x10, 6 1/2 x 8 3/4 (the size I used), 5 x 7 & 4 x 6. The sizes may notbe exact, but should be close (I hope). Just let me know if not. Click on the image to enjoy the {FREE} resource:

More photos:

my daughter had to help me use it for the 1st time:)

The shape of it allows it to stand up nicely and not fall over.


  1. I can't believe I JUST found your blog! Wow! You have amazing ideas and unbelievable FREEBIES! Thank you sooooo much! I know these all take a ton of time. You're so giving. Thank you! I'm so excited to be your newest follower and am having so much fun on your blog! Thanks again!

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  2. awe, thank you for the sweet compliment:) so glad you found your way here:) have a lovely day!!!