How to... 1st Day of School Frame

I have seen tons of these cute frames on the internet, but have not seen a "How To" do it, although it is super easy & most people could figure it out! There may already be a tutorial on this, but just in case not... here goes:
Isn't she a cutie? That's my little princess! (she will begin 1st grade this year:)

First, buy a large (CHEAP) frame - as cheap as you can find. This one was $5 at Walmart & is very sturdy. Also grab some paint, a brush/sponge if you do not have it, clear/white glitter (or your preference), and a few sheets of glitter foam.

Take the backing off and the glass (have an idea for that later ;). Then, use your fingers or pliers to remove the little pegs/metal place holders on the back (you know those things that break off eventually anyway after pictures have been changed out).

Next, I placed a trash bag on the table (as not to paint on the table). I turned to the back side of the frame to use (as this part is flat, not curved). You can use the front if you wish to do so. I painted the edges black & immediately sprinkled the glitter on (so it would stick to the drying paint). While that was drying, I drew letters onto the glitter foam and began cutting them out.

A little trick if you are not good with free-handing letters: choose a font on your computer that you like, write the words you need in a word document; print the letters, cut them out & use them as stencils!! I free-handed these.

Once dry, begin placing your letters where you want them (before gluing)!!!! Make sure everything will fit. I wanted to say "1st day of school - 2012" others have put the grade level. I plan to change out the 2012 each year. You also never know if you will change grade levels, so I said 'school.' (your choice)

as you can see, I use this painting mat quite

Now that you have everything in place, begin hot gluing your letters on your frame. THAT'S it!!!

my little model - she hasn't begun school yet, but I can also use this on her 1st day each year!!! :)

Let me know if you try it OR if you have one I would love to see what yours looks like:)


  1. This is so cute!! I love the glitter lettering! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Adorable! I love all the glitteryness :) Thanks for the heads up on the frame..

  3. Thanks for the tutorial...this is on my to do list!

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  4. thanks so much ladies - turned out better than I had throught :):)