Wow - over 500 followers!!! Here's a few little items...

I do not have much for you today as I have been in cruch mode all week awaiting our Kinders arrival...

I want to very much THANK you all for taking the time to join up, but also for ALL the wonderful comments you have been leaving, which are encouraging when I most need encouragement! As the year goes on, I will most likely only have time to post on the weekends. I am part of way too many committees, which take up some of my afternoons - PLUS, my daughter will begin soccer next week, as well!

Just as a little thank you, here are a few items:

You can get these here!

I have seen other Book Hospital posters, but they did not fit on the container I wanted to use that needed to also house bigger books.

We have a classroom group behavior goal, where I begin at the bottom of our door and add an owl (or themed cut out) each time we catch the entire class doing the right thing. When it reaches the top (where this sign is displayed), they will receive a class reward. We have done freezer pops, cupcakes, ice cream, etc.

You can get these here!

My old digraph charts were in rough condition, so I made some newer posters that will be displayed for their reference when trying to sound out words with digraphs.

You can get these here!

I am realizing I may have a talkative group, so I made this simple voice level chart. While I am talking there will be NO talking. They may whisper during center time work, and have normal voices when working on group projects.


  1. Hi Kimberlee!

    Thank you for the wonderful posters! I think I may have a chatty group this year as well--I haven't met them yet, but from what the other teachers say--I'm in for it! haha

    Good luck with your kindergarten preparations :)


  2. Thanks for the freebies, and congrats! I have been looking for digraph posters that are simple, so I love these- and the book hospital sign is adorable! Thank you thank you! :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  3. Thank you so much for your blog! I'm a first year teacher teaching 2/3 grade Resource and I've spent a great deal already.
    Your resources have been so helpful in creating the lessons, centers, and organization I want for my classroom. And I love polkadots!

    Thank you so much, have a great weekend :)

  4. you all are soooo welcome:) It makes me happy to see that the things here are very helpful to others:):) Have a wonderful school year!

  5. New follower here as I just found your lovely little blog through Pinterest!
    Can't wait to check out more of your posts! Congrats on having over 500 followers!

    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners

  6. I just posted all of the following to a post about iPads and didn't know if you would see it.
    So here it is..LOVE your Blog!
    I use it to also download music.
    I use a WiFi speaker system and can walk around the room with it.
    No more tapes that don't work or or scratched skipping CD's or not knowing what song is is all right there for me to click on.
    Also there are great stories to listen to...we still have a "relax the brain time" and they lay on a rag rug to listen to music and stories.
    August 19, 2012 3:22 PM
    Barbara said...
    PS...I love your blog and all your FREE is so new and different and I am having a ball looking around..for the past 2 hours..HAHAHAHA I also appreciate that everything is FREE..I am a little sad that everyone jumped on the TPT bandwagon..there are still teacher out there that can't afford to buy..If only they would keep the prices low at a dollar or so ...but I have seen everything go up so much in the past year.
    Alright I will get off my SOAPBOX now!!
    Thanks for all you do for teachers and Children:)
    FONDLY, B. Your newest follower:)

  7. thanks Barbara - commented on the other post... so glad you are following & so glad you find this blog helpful:O) yippie!!

  8. Congratulations for jour wonderful job and all the cute things you share ! I LOVE the idea of the class reward goal !

  9. Thanks for the great freebies! You're so generous!!

    Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

  10. Dropbox can't find your free voice level chart. Boo! Hoo! Would you help me? Than ks for all of your free stuff!!

  11. try it again - may have to refresh - I reuploaded it & it came up for me - thanks!