Potty Time - Sign and Pass

Do you have restrooms in your classroom? Do the children spend time waiting next to the restroom door? or... Do you have students who continually claim they need to go?


I designed a Potty Sign & Potty Pass. First, the Potty sign is designed to keep the restroom doorway clear of children. During our snack time and center time, they have the ability to freely go to the restroom. I have noticed lately that some have been hanging out around the door to check and see if anyone is in the restroom - tis where I thought of the vacancy/no vacancy signs that some hotels have...haha!! I made this simple sign that children can flip while going in & going from the potty. NOW, children will not have to get up to check (saving important learning time & save my sanity).

Second, I have noticed more and more have an 'emergency' just after their friend had permission to go because THEY had an emergency, too - imagine that!! My brain got to thinking again, so I made these potty passes, which can be used for (ONE) emergency each week!!! They will be kept in a container & must be placed on my desk once it had been used. They will be returned at the end of each week. Although, use your professional judgement as kinders still might have emergencies more often here and there, but this CAN cut back on the amount ;)

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