BIG change!!!! What?!?

First of all, I haven't gotten much response about the change I wanted here on my blog... (the whole talking about the standards...) People are still asking about the items I had posted in the past... I can put them back up, but I will NOT be making any more lower grade materials... WHY????? (Read below)

Our county is doing a lot of move arounds and adjustments, so we were able to make some choices about which grade/school we wanted to teach at sooooooooo..... My first choice is 5th grade and that is where they  put me!!! YAY! I know that is a huge move from kindergarten to 5th, but I love reading & writing and am hoping we will departmentalized, as they have in the past... Yippie!!! Stay tuned to yet another blog makeover, as I will be making some 5th grade learning targets, etc...over the summer!!!!

Have any of you made that jump? If so, what advice do you have? Also, tell me pros and cons about using the Lucy Calkins approach to writing... I believe this is the direction I am wanting to go... Thanks in advance for any advice:)


  1. Congrats on your move! I LOVE using Lucy for writing. My kids have never written so well.
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  2. You will love grade 5! I moved to grades 4/5 about 10 years ago and enjoyed the conversations, the thinking they show and their stories. Poetry also! I'm back in grade 2/3 now, and, while I love what these kids do, I miss, miss, miss the older kids.

  3. I love the blog makeover and I'm so happy you're in the upper grades :)

    Personally, I love the way Lucy approaches writing via the workshop model. When I first starting using her maps, the scripts were helpful; however, I found that I tried to remember the perfect language Lucy used and my lessons didn't turn out as well as I had hoped because I forgot what I was supposed to say. My advice is to look at the teaching point and Lucy's suggestions and make it your own. I rewrote the script using my own words and my own modeled writing--by doing so, I became a better teacher of writing :)

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  4. Thanks ladies... I am super excited, but will miss my little kinders... :( I will do some reading up on the Calkins material.