Informational "How to" Writing


ELACCKW2: Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose informative/explanatory texts in which they name what they are writing about and supply some information about the topic. 

This week, we beginning our last quarter and our last 2 units: How to Informational Writing and Texts for Reading and Writing & Addition/Subtraction for Math. 

When teaching KW2, I first begin by talking about our target: I can write to explain. Then, I give an example of a 'how to' topic I could write about. Next, I will begin a chart of 'How to' writing topics (students will help to generate). During this week, we will also talk about using transition words and we will go out to fly a kite and then write our first piece, after I have modeled of course.

We just finished our last unit, which was informational writing (also KW2). Our learning targets divided the standard into 2 pieces of writing: information facts (I can write to inform) and how to (I can write to explain). Does your school/county do this? How do you begin teaching a new genre of writing?

During our time with our academic coach, we are trying to look more closely at the standards. We are also working on bundling some standards together. Have any of you worked on this? What is KW2 asking the children to do? Here in GA, we have a teacher guidance document that we are using to help us dig deeper, as there are hidden pieces to the standard that we must also teach. If you look at this document (see link below), it also suggests that we also must teach the following with this standard:

Skills/Concepts for Students:
  •   Write to give information describe familiar persons, places, or experiences
  •   Use drawings, letters, and phonetically spelled words to create meaning
  •   Use left-to-right pattern of writing
  •   Use drawings, letters, and phonetically spelled words to share information
  •   Begin to use organizational structures (steps). 

Teacher Guidance Document

What are your thoughts? Does your state have a similar document? If so, share what they suggest are the concepts and skills for KW2.


  1. I'm really interested in some of the freebies you posted on pintrest. Just wondering where they are. Please email me at: with the link or info. Thanks ever so much!

  2. You used to have an informational graphic organizer on your blog. I printed it and used it in my class and it was wonderful! I can't find the one I printed or on your blog, if you know what graphic organizer I am talking about can you email it to me?