Backward, Forward Linky (Please Join in)

I am going to try an attempt at a Linky Party. Here goes... *crossing my fingers* that this goes right and that people will join along.

I call this the "Backward, Forward" Linky. Why? You will post about the most memorable times over this past school year (looking Backward), and you will talk about things that you are (looking Forward) to in the next school year - maybe there was something you wanted to do and didn't get to do it, or maybe you are changing grade levels or schools.

Just grab the image above to link back to this post AND submit your site below. Please, please, please respond to others' posts as well (2 backward, and 2 forward...haha). Looking forward to seeing your reflections on your year and what is exciting you for the next!! Thank you in advance for joining in. ~ Please pass the word along ~

(you are more than welcome to snatch my little forward and backward buttons, if you would like to use them)

This year has been an adventurous one! We have had 23-24 students all year long, which is a lot for what we typically have (17-18). I cannot complain, because I have had THE BEST paraprofessional/assistant EVER this year!!

Some things I will never forget about this year:
  • Having 23 students
  • One of my students (had some behavior problems) was hollering out and singing the Chipettes "I Whip my Tail Back & Forth," as she is standing in her chair actually shaking her bottom back and forth...LOL!

  • Had a female student that REALLY needed to go potty - so much that she was pulling her pants down before she made it into the restroom...LOL!
  • Trying to implement Common Core for the first time has been a roller coaster, to say the least!

  • Our Halloween morning games were a hit!

  • We had fun counting up to 50 and working with 50 objects, etc. on 50s Day:

  • We always enjoy our little Native Americans...

  • I will never forget the tragedy in Newtown & the changes our school has because of this (all doors locked at ALL times & a police officer at our school at ALL times)
  • Our silly elf, reindeer, and Santa photos were awesome!!!

  • WE had a blast creating 2- and 3-Dimensional figures
  • We flew kites, which was SOOO much fun for our "how to" writing unit.

I am SOOOOOO looking forward to next year - in 5th grade!!!! I should be teaching Reading, Writing, and Social Studies. I am slightly nervous, but have co-taught this grade level before. I have a LOT to learn, but this team I have to work with is wonderful!

I have never painted my classroom walls before, but with a fresh new start, I plan on painting this summer... what am I getting myself in to? Can any of you give me any helpful advice for 5th grade? I can take ALL I can get!! :)

My (possible) future wall colors:



  1. I like your linky idea! I've been dreaming about next year already!

    Mrs. H's Resource Room

  2. Thanks for linking up, Kim!! Yay!! :):):)

  3. I like the aqua color. Very peaceful and calming!

    I'm working on my post for your linky. I'm hoping some time this week, I'll know what I am teaching next year.


  4. Yippie Kristin - do you change each year or often? What does your district do?

  5. Thanks so much for the invitation Kimberlee! I'm looking forward to visiting all of the linked posts- we have so much to share and celebrate!

    Michaele @ Kindergarten's 3 R's

  6. You are welcome Michaele:) & thanks for joining along...