Fave Classroom Spots

I am a little late joining this link up, but better late than never... right?


The topic this week is to show off my 3 favorite places in my classroom (my home away from home). I am bittersweet, as I am leaving this room to head to 5th grade next year. The BEST spot is my window (as I get to see the front entry of the school and know what is going on at all times). Other than that, here are my faves:

My self that stores ALL my read alouds, where students cannot dig into them. I have them categorized, so that it is simple to find what I need!!!


Next, I am IN LOVE with my easel. Many folks do not care for the larger easels, but this one has been great for storage AND I have a place to write on charts & on the white board section at the same time - GREAT for setting criteria and transferring the information quickly! In addition, I can keep literacy on one side, and my Number Talk (math) on the other! No need to switch everything out each day.




I will have to find some NEW favorite spots next year when I move to 5th! :)

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