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WOW...what a week in Kindergarten!!!!

Had to fill in and do some CRCT testing this week. Was nice to have a change, but reading the tests aloud for accommodations is NOT fun when your ALLERGIES are acting crazy!!!

Okay, so I have to admit that we (at our school) do notice a difference when there is a full moon... ANYONE else??? My children were angels on Monday... the rest of the week was WILD. Our schedule has been a little off with testing, etc., so this may have contributed to it.

Really am very grateful for my teacher bible study group!! We really have each others' backs and are in constant prayer for one another. Our talks about being STUCK have really helped me put my focus on God and solely rely on HIM!

We meet every other week & it is truly a BLESSING!

Have to take a mommy moment and brag on my daughter!! She is in 1st grade and recently took the STAR Math and STAR Reading tests. She scored 3rd grade level in reading and middle of 2nd grade level in math. She has met her AR goal each quarter, as well. We are very proud of her::

We had a walking field trip today... was a beautiful day for it!! We visited our downtown community to learn about different careers:
Local Radio Station
Police Department

and the...

We had a great day & thanks to my husband for joining us and keeping a few of my little fellows under control!!! :)


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  4. I just found you through the link up.

    I completely agree with you about the full moon. I'm not talking full werewolf, but there was definitely something...maybe it was the sun we finally saw in the midwest too.

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  5. I just found you through the Doodle Bugs Link Up. I actually moved from 5th down to PK a while back. Now I'm in 3rd.

    Congrats to your little girl - she's a cutie pie.

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  6. Your bible study looks amazing! Congrats on your daughters accomplishments! I am Rosie and I am your newest follower!

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