Great reminder and blog finds

I have been browsing some blogs to help me get familiar with the upper grades (for my BIG move next year)! I found some awesome blogs, but one that really stood out to me:

The Teaching Thief
I LOVE this blog title, as it reminds us that we, teachers, are always sharing and rethinking ideas. I love it when people share their ideas to really share... not just to take credit for some ideas that have been around for ages with a little tweaking! (of course there are a few non-thought-of-before ideas out there, too) This is what teaching and collaboration is ALL about - sharing ideas, resources, making changes where needed - ALL in an effort to create what is best for YOUR students. Kuddos to this teacher!
During my online adventure, I also stumbled across these amazing sites:
Fearless in Fifth
Teaching with a Touch of Twang

Fantastic Fifth Grade!
My Journey to 5th Grade
MsJordanRead: Reading Writing Thinking Sharing
Literacy Sundae
Life, Love, Literacy
Please let me know of any other 5th grade blogs that are a MUST read! Thanks:)

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