"I can statements" 5th grade ELA

I have seen a lot of research about the colors of classrooms and how students react to certain colors. I added some black this year, and I have noticed a difference in my students (was not a good thing). As I transition to 5th, I researched the best colors for my walls. After much looking around, I have decided on some light blues, light purples, and possibly light greens. Upper grades are calmed by these colors, plus the purples bring on creativity... which I want in their writing!

In addition to a color change, I needed to create some "I can statements" (student learning targets)posters to keep me focused and to refer to throughout teaching. I had created Kindergarten CC statements last year, so I decided to make some for 5th to match my color scheme. In addition, I am in the process of creating vocabulary cards as well.

These statements are detailed & broken down based upon the skills listed in the 5th grade Teacher Guidance document from the Georgia Standards website: Teacher Guidance Document

For your convenience, I have included my color versions and blank posters (you can print on any pretty paper of your choice).


You can get these here!


You can get these here!

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