Last days in Kindergarten... what are we up to?

Well, today is 18 more days left of school!! Yay! I sure will miss my kindergarten sweeties when I am in 5th next year, but I know I will make positive relationships with the older students as well:)

In honor of counting down the days, we are popping a balloon with a special activity:

18 - inside manipulative play time (instead of small group work in the AM)
17 - sidewalk chalk (afternoon)
16 - sit anywhere
15 - no shoes in class
14 - ice cream cones (yummy)
13 - listen to music during small group work time
12 - chew gum
11 - use markers instead of pencils to complete work (this is a BIG deal to
10 - sidewalk chalk (during small group time)
9 - Tour 1st grade classroom & ask questions
8 - inside manipulative play time (instead of small group work in the AM)
7 - free drawing time (AM)
6 - game day (all day) - they enjoy games like: 4 corners, up & down game, heads up 7 up, doggie where's your bone?, etc.
5 - make paper airplane & have an airplane flying contest
4 - FIELD DAY - all day games outdoors
3 - movie & popcorn
2 - draw & listen to music
1 - play "minute to win it" games (see some here: Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits)
LAST DAY - Fun day at local state park!!!



We just finished our 'How to..' writing unit. We enjoyed some time flying kites and writing about the steps to fly a kite:






We are looking forward to our upcoming field trip (downtown) to visit our local library, police station, and radio station!!

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