Desktop Icons... blah!! Want to change yours?

I get so tired of looking at my ugly ol' desktop icons:

Ugly, right?

Want to change it to look like this?:

Hop on over to Digital Doodle Designs to pick up some FREE desktop folder icons. Click image below:
Not sure how to use them? Follow the tutorial below:

How do I change my desktop icon on my MAC?

First, save the new image you want.

Next, open that image and a screen like below will show up. Once in this screen, go to Edit at the top of your computer, then Select All in the drop down bar.

Once it is selected. Press the command key and ‘C’ at the same time. This will copy the image.


Now, go to the file folder that you want to change the image for, and press CONTROL and click on the keypad (at the same time). Once you do this, select GET INFO (see below).


Once you select GET INFO, this window will pop up:

Click once on the little folder icon on the upper left corner. It will highlight blue around it when you click on it. Once highlighted around the edges (as show), press COMMAND key and ‘V’ at the same time to PASTE the new image. Now, you should see your new image. J

How do I change my desktop icon on my PC Windows 7?

(Note: This will not change the folder, but it will show this image at the first image in the file regardless of the arrangement of files in the folder)

First, save the new image you want.

Then, right click on the file image you want to change and go to PROPERTIES. A new window will pop up. Click on the CUSTOMIZE tab..


Look for “Folder Pictures” and click on CHOOSE FILE. Find the image you want to insert. Click on that image & then press APPLY at the bottom of the window.

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