Five for Friday...

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Not too much going on lately, but trying to get 5 things on here...LOL:

Begin painting my new 5th grade classroom TODAY!! My daughter and I went yesterday to scrape the walls of all the blah... that has been caked on for about 7 years...LOL! Here are the before pics - such a mess & a lot to do:

Been making some 5th grade items: Student Data sheets, Teacher Feedback form from Students, etc.


Look in my 5th grade Freebies Section for each:):)

Playing a LOT of games with my little squirt:

Still reading... (REALLY recommend this book - such encouraging words & shows you that GOD should always be your focus!!!)

So happy that I have been reading my bible each morning - has been a goal for me - need to spend as much time reading His word and talking with Him (praying), as much as possible!! Love, love, love this APP, as I do not like writing in and highlighting in my personal bible... Here, I can write notes and highlight passages...


  1. I didn't see the teacher report card freebie posted anywhere. Looks like a good last day activity ;)

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. Heading over to your store right now! Thanks for the heads up and good luck with your new fifth grade room. I teach fifth grade as well. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. Woohoo! A fifth grade blog to follow! I teach year six in New Zealand which is equivalent! I've never known someone to paint their own classroom- I wish I was allowed to, we have horrible brown walls :(

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  4. That's great you've been able to go ahead and get in your room! Can't wait to see the transformation of it! :)

  5. Looks like you have a great little painter to help you out! Are you able to paint the room any color or does your district tell you the colors you can choose? Can't wait to see the finished room.

    Third Grade Galore

  6. @ Dianne, I forgot to publish that post... doing it now...

    @ Brandee - I do not have a store, everything is free on my blog & thanks for the GL wishes :)

    @ Serena - sorry for the brown walls :( so glad to meet you!

    @ Lana - thanks... we are headed tonight to finish & I will take a few pics to post.

    @ Jeanette - thanks...hehe.. any color, depends on the principle here...

    Thanks for the posts ladies :):):)