Questioning Cards & upcoming event!!!

As I move to 5th grade, I have a lot of things to make... so keep checking back this summer for more goodies!!

I have neglected posting for a bit due to closing out the end of the school year. Phew! This is my 2nd day of  summer vacation, and I cannot stop thinking about all I need to accomplish this summer. I am super excited about my new move and the new team I will be working with. :)
My first summer creation are Questioning Cards - Depth of Knowledge, Bloom's & Marzano's Questioning Stems. This Word document was created to print these on 3x5 index cards. How do you print on index cards? Simply print all the pages, then tape an index card on each spot & feed back through OR print this template (made by me) several times & then attach the index cards with tape. Place them in the printer the appropriate way & click PRINT.

You can get these here!

Upcoming event...

I have 1,199 followers... I will debut my new blog: Digital Doodle Designs, once we reach 1,200 followers!!! This is a way to earn just a little $, and still be able to keep my teacher printables FREE to you. Hope you will check it out. I will have very reasonable prices:)


  1. Great blog!! Definitely adding you to my pinterest and list of blogs to read!

  2. Thank you for the sweet comment:) Going to take a look at your blog, as well:)

  3. Love all of your fifth grade items! Dropbox said that this item was moved or deleted.

  4. Will fix that right away... thanks for the sweet comments and heads-up!!