SUPER Happy :)

I am so excited to show off my first CUSTOM blog design (other than the designs I do for myself). A very sweet, Kristin, from Of Primary Importance - NOW --  I³: Imagine. Inspire. Innovate. allowed me to custom design (makeover) her blog, as she is changing grade levels:) I was super excited that she allowed me to do this for her. PLUS, she was AWESOME to work with!! Please, please go check out her site!! She will be moving to the new STEM initiative, so she wanted something with an engineering and industrial touch. Please click the image to view her page.

THANK you Kristin for allowing me to work with you!!!

Also, I just finished my first Predesigned Blogger Template, so if you need anything PLEASE let me know.

Black Polka Dots (your name choice, of course) $20.00

Jump on over to my new site for more details (please keep in mind that I am just putting items on




  1. Super cute! I just got a new design but will definitely keep you in mind for my next update. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Thanks Brandee - your page is super cute, too!! :)