Back to School Goals #b2s13

Well, it is always good to set some reasonable goals. I am not sure if these are SMART goals, but I have a few more weeks to think it over!! I am linking up with I {heart} Recess for our B2S Goals!!

I have been teaching for 10 years, but there is ALWAYS room to grow, improve, and learn! This is one of the reasons I enjoy teaching :)

Here are some of MY goals for this year (as I embark on a NEW adventure going from Kindergarten to 5th grade... yikes..LOL - this was MY decision after all *what was I thinking*...haha)

Personal - It is always my goal to walk more closely to Christ. Through reading God's word, I am who I am and am very grateful that He saved me!!! I want to read more of the Bible, pray more deeply and walk more closely to my Heavenly Father:)

Organization - Folks tell me I am pretty organized... I am not always so sure..LOL!! Last year, I went through all my Kindergarten files and aligned them to the CCGPS. I now have the lovely job of creating the same thing for 5th grade! It makes sense for me to file things this way!!!

Planning - A colleague and I have met twice and mapped out a good bit of our first unit. My goal is to take "One day at a time"... sweet Jesus (have you ever heard that song?...LOL)!! I am learning a new grade level, so I am not going to stress.. I am simply going to take it slow and learn more and more each day!

Professional - There are a lot of things I would like to do (one of them is going through the Lucy Calkins books - which will be part of my professional learning this year). I want to hold off on going into a lot of detail with that just yet, as I am getting my feet wet this year. I will love to incorporate what I learn this year through the PL into next year's units. For this reason.... I would like to get more familiar with the 5th grade standards, so I plan to use lots of LOTS - Language of the Standards. :)

Students - I pray that I can be a role model for these children. I want to build positive relationships through trust and also make learning as fun as possible!! I want them to know that learning can be a life-long tool!

Motto - I always tell me students that they need to "Be the best YOU, YOU can be!" If nothing else, you need to give something your all, your best... That is all that I can ask of them!!

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  1. Love the idea of using the language of the standards... I know too often in testing situations the students "don't know" a question because they don't understand the different language. Last year, I always tried to say everything a different way. I'd even have kids hold up fingers if they needed it said a new way -- anything to expose them to new and often more challenging language! Love that goal!!

    Thanks for sharing,

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  2. thanks Amanda... I guess as a former K & Sped teacher, I learned to go into a lot of detail about what the words in the standards actually mean... for example, if I am supposed to model or create something, they needed to know what those words meant... I am assuming it is the same in 5th...LOL!!! I will soon find out! :)

  3. I have to tell you, I love your goals! About a year ago I started asking myself at the end of each day, "Did I do everything I could to give today my all?" This gave me the ability to reflect on things as I was wrapping up my school day and possibly set something in motion to change the next day.

    Keep the positive outlook ahead and maybe add a frame to your desk with your personal motto to help you remember through those tough days.

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  4. Jennifer - thank you for such an uplifting post *all smiles* - I used to have it hanging on my door, so I will make one for me & one for my kiddos!! :)

  5. I feel like I relate to so much of how you're feeling because of the huge jump I'm making, too! It's essentially re-doing your first year of teaching. Take it one day at a time - that's all we can do! :)'
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  6. Very overwhelming, indeed. We go back on the 12th and cannot even go into our classrooms until this coming Monday... EEK!! I feel as though I am starting from scratch!! Best of luck to you, too Lauren!!

  7. Just found your blog and I love your goals for this year. I need to do the same. I wanted to say Thank you for all of the awesome things you have made to share with fellow teachers. Even though I teach first, a lot of your K resources are perfect for the beginning of the year in my classroom. Thank you!!! And I hope you have an awesome year in 5th!

  8. thanks for the sweet comment:) So glad you were able to find something helpful for you:) Have a wonderful school year!