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Here are some great pins from this week:

What a great way to show different examples/proof of figurative language. I was thinking about having a page like this in their interactive notebooks, where they can easily jot them down, as well. This wonderful idea is from Head over Heals for Teaching.

I have been looking for items I will be teaching for the first time in 5th grade and during our first unit. One thing is interjections. I thought this was a great way to have fun, while applying what they have learned. Sadly, this post is no longer available, but it was from The Peanut Gallery

Love, love this fabric-covered cork board!!You can view is close up here: Home Decor Ideas

The last, and one of my most faves of the week are these adorable rugs!!! How cute!! There are many designs to choose from at The Southern Belle Boutique

Hope you have enjoyed these as much as I had finding them this week!!! 

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  1. This past year I did the first pin and my students loved it. They truly "got" figurative language and enjoyed finding examples in their novels just so that they could write them on stickies. :)
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