Reading Responses: Summary and Reflection

In order to meet the 5th grade standards: ELA5R1 & ELA5R5, students need to read a variety of texts and response to those texts. Students need to begin to reflect and summarize, pinpointing specifics within the text. In addition, they should be able to use questioning strategies to help them better understand what they read. Here is a bookmark (Five Fingers Rule) to assist students in finding just right texts, as well as a Reading Response Log for students to record their summaries and reflections to the texts they read.

The students must record the title, author, # of minutes read, genre, and whether the text was E=Easy, JR=Just Right, or C=Challenging for each entry. Our students will be required to read and respond 3 times each week (which is why there are three spaces), which will be due on Fridays.

You can get these here!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! While I don't teach 5th, I feel both of these can be implemented even in my 3rd grade classroom.

  2. Yes, should fit in nicely with 3-5:) So glad you will be able to use them!!

  3. Using the bookmarks in my third grade class. Thanks for sharing!