Remind 101 - Student/Parent/Teacher Communication

Need to send a quick message about a homework assignment? or maybe need to remind about an upcoming event...? Remind 101 is a wonderful app/online tool that teachers can use to text their students/parents (without the hassle of giving out your personal contact information). It is also very easy to use.

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Back in the Spring, I conducted a Professional Learning session trying to introduce Remind 101 and Class Dojo to our staff. Here is a link to the presentation - PLEASE view the PowerPoint

You can use this resource online:

I set my account up online, but truly love using the app to send the quick texts to parents/students. 

What is the BEST feature??? I love how you can set the date/time for the message to send out. I always forget unless I type it right away and set the date/time for it to send out!!!

Please consider trying this teacher tool! 

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  1. We just talked about this in our grade level meeting today!