Shopping, shopping, shopping... and fundraisers to get $$

Okay... When I taught Kindergarten last year, we had 2 fundraisers to help teachers earn $ for our classrooms. The first was our freezer pop fundraiser. Students could purchase freezer pops for a quarter each day (if they so choose to). After the year is over, we combined all the sales and split it 4 ways between the teachers. In addition to this, we always had a 50s day on the 50th day of school. On that day, we sold Coke floats for $1.00. Parents donated the items (cokes & ice cream) and McDonald's donated the cups and straws. After all of this, we again split the funds. I ended up with over $400 to spend on classroom supplies, which is nice so I do not have to ask for as many supplies from the children.

What did I spend my $ on this year? I did spend a little of this on painting my room this year, but I bought new 5th grade items/charts/etc. (see pic) there are tons more items that I was unable to show on here like folders, paper, tape, etc. :) Perhaps this kind of fundraiser can work for you. If you have another idea, please share in the comments below!! :) Thanks!

Some of my online/catalog buys:

Bought this with my own $ (so far... still have more to get):


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  1. Love the fundraiser ideas! 50th day sounds fun.

    Last year we had the Sprinkles cupcake truck come to the school a few times throughout the year. A percent was donated to the school. We also held a fundraiser at a local Mexican restaurant chain, similar to Chipotle. The teachers did a "Guac Smash" where we made guacamole. Then the school earned a percent of the sales that night.

    In 5th grade we also did a fundraiser night at California Pizza Kitchen. They donate 20%. We did this twice and made just about $800 to split between the 3 fifth grade classes.

  2. wow.. wonderful. We live in a very small rural town, so we do not have much to choose from... just a couple of fast food restaurants. Thanks for the ideas:)

  3. Your idea is genius!!!! I would LOVE a little extra to spend on my room that is not out of my own pocket. :)
    Did you have to get board approval to do that or just principal approval?


  4. Kindergarten at my school has done this for a while, but I am pretty sure just principal approval :)