Teacher Tour Tuesday (has begun)...


I am super excited to begin this new linky:

I love, love, love to see tours of classrooms through pictures, but wouldn't it be great to also do short video clips of each little section of your room? This way, you can add short commentary about what you are showing! Instagram now has the video feature, and since they launched this feature, I have wanted to do this linky. What do you need to do?
  • Create a short video clip focusing on one area of things in your classroom in Instagram (see tutorial here)
  • Upload the video to Instagram with hasgtag #teachertourtuesday
  • Write a post directing us to watch your clip on your Instagram page (or embed the video into your blog)
  • Link up each Tuesday with a NEW short clip - by the end of the linky, we will have seen a complete tour of your wonderful classroom!!!
I hope you will join along and PLEASE invite others, so we can see all the classrooms we can each week! What a great way to showcase your lovely room and get great ideas!!!! :)

I will always post this link on Mondays, so you will be able to remember to write and link up each Tuesday !!

****NOTE: I should have been more clear... In order to link up, you must write a blog post about your video and ONLY link that page up, NOT your home page AND you must include a link back here to this post! For example, I created a post and linked up my post

(http://teachertakers.blogspot.com/2013/07/teachertourtuesday-and-how-to-embed.html) NOT my homepage: http://teachertakers.blogspot.com/ ****

Remember to link back below:

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  1. Love, love, love this idea! Unfortunately the floors are still being cleaned so I can't yet, but I will be back here in 3 weeks when they're ready! Just love your blog :)

    The Sweetest Thing
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  2. thanks for the sweet comments - they aren't finished with our floors, but I am going to try to sneak in this evening and just do a short clip about my painted walls...LOL. Come back when you can!! Cannot wait!

  3. Oh I am quite excited about this. I, like Lauren, can not get into my room until August. May I link up, and post things I am making and planning on putting in my room? Or would you rather I wait till I can get in?

    You are the Boss Lady!

    I also find joy in sharing things for free. So I totally like your style Miss Kimberlee!

    Let mek now about the linky!!!!!
    Lessons With Coffee 

  4. I love this idea! Unfortunately, we also cannot get into our rooms yet, and this year since I am moving from elementary to the high school, I will actually be sharing an office! Not quite as exciting to decorate..

  5. Yes Jameson - that would be great!!! We are all excited about getting back at it! Thanks for the sweet comments:)

    Libby - share what you can, when you can!! :)

  6. I link failed. Next week I will get it!!! LOL sorry.