Tuesday Tour (Coming this Tuesday)!! and Instagram Video Tutorial

Once Instagram made public the new video feature, I so badly wanted to do a classroom tour video linky!! Several folks are already getting into their classrooms (not me - they are still working on floors, etc. - pooey). It would be great to do a short video tour of a section of your room each week to showcase your wonderful classroom d├ęcor!! Please, please consider joining along and PLEASE pass the word along by using the image below:

Even though I haven't begun decorating, I cannot wait to watch the short clips each week and get some great ideas!! Don't know how to use Instagram's video feature? Here is a quick tutorial:
1) Log In (haha...LOL - I amuse myself sometimes...)
2) Click on the camera icon:
3) Click on the video icon:
4) Press and hold the RED record button (you can do a video in one shot, or stop and do a few clips). All together, I believe it is a 30 second video clip.
5) Once the video segment is completed, click next... You can change the look of the video (play around with it until you see one you like. Then click next.
6) Choose a beginning image for your video (slide the blue box until it lands on an image you like). The click NEXT.
7) Now, there are a few things you can do here, but I 'arrowed' the most main thing - the others are optional. You can put a quick description and then press share (it goes to your followers). In addition, you can share it on Twitter, Email, Facebook, etc. You can also put your location, but I never use that - dangerous, I think!
To view a sample clip, please visit and add me on 

Hope you will join along each Tuesday!!!!

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  2. Very neat! This just might be the final push I needed to check out Instagram! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. Obsessed with your blog!!! Thanks for sharing :) I'm with you on the love of Instagram and despising summer cleaning crew (although it is a GOOD thing). I can't get in my room yet either :(

    I will be teaching 5th ELA/SS this year for the first time - yikes! Excited to follow your adventures. Come stop by if you get a chance!

    The Sweetest Thing
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  4. @Brandee - COME ON!! :)

    @ Lauren - going to view your page now!! Thanks for the sweet comments! I will be teaching reading/writing/ela & embedded some SS into the reading (there is a separate SS class, but we are trying to take some of the load off as she will do SS & Sci.)

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I was having some spelling issues last night! I would love to get some pointers from you since I just started blogging. I feel like there is so much I don't know! Hopefully, I can figure out how to join up you Tuesday Tours links! It sounds like so much fun!