Want a classroom website?

Want a classroom website, but not the headache of all the codes, etc...? I just completed a design for a non-profit organization - she wanted it to be created in Blogger, but look like a website instead of a blog (see below). I am also working on a design based upon the lovely idea of Ladybug Teacher Files new parent page. Go check it out. Want something similar, but not sure where to begin?

I can design you a lovely page through blogger. You can revamp your current blog or have this as an additional blog - your choice. I created myself a new blog for parents. You can check out my front page of my site for more details:

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  1. Awesome! I have been wanting to revamp my blog, so I'll be in touch soon! As affordable as your pre-designed templates are, I may have to splurge on a custom design.
    Mrs. Cobb's Kindersprouts

  2. I would be thrilled to take care of that for you, when you are ready!! Just let me know! :) Thanks!!

  3. What would the cost be for something like this? :)

  4. Depending on what you want - if you want it to look like a website more, the cost could begin anywhere from $30-80 (again, depending on the details of it). For example, some people just like tabs to click on to go to pages (which is easier and cheaper). Others, like myself, prefer the links to be built into the headers (see mine with the pennants - that costs more). Simple would be around $30 (simple header, background, grab button). You can always add extra items (go to my add-ons: http://digitaldoodledesigns.blogspot.com/p/add-ons.html) to get more. If you want the links build into the header (like mine), that would be closer to $70-80. I also have pre-designed items if that is not right for you. Just email me if you are interested in something and I will work something out for you:) I try to make it reasonable, as I know a teacher's budget...LOL