Five for Friday :)

This is my LAST weekend before I head back to work Monday O_o

I am taking a break from making classroom items and designing blogs to post (feel like I am neglecting my Anyway... I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Neglected posting my Teacher Tour Tuesday... pooey. I did get to work in my room several times this week & the pictures for that will be coming next week!! Here is my video of what I came into last Saturday!!!

Yikes, I know!! Trust me, it is much better now ;)

Been doing some creating more things for my room, laminating, and cutting...

I finally broke down and got my hair cut! I like it long in the summer (so I can throw it up). 

Been doing a LOT of designing blogs for others, but am going to take the month of August off (once I finish up the last two I am working on!!). Been grateful that this has given me a little spending $ for my classroom, since I do not sale my teacher made items. 

Cannot WAIT until college football season!! Go Clemson!!! 22 More days!!

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  1. I've taught 4th and am currently teaching 3rd, but don't feel brave enough for 5th! Love the blog and that you know how to do it all yourself--jealous!

    The 4th Grade Journey

  2. I am ready for football season, too! Except I will be saying, "Go VOLS!" Although I live in SC, I am a TN girl through and through!

    Speaking of Clemson, I saw a necklace today at that made me think of Clemson fans. It's a chevron necklace in purple/orange. Cute!

  3. @ Mandy - I taught myself all the HTML codes years ago when I built my first website - way back in 2003!! It can get confusing at times...LOL

    @ Lana - I saw it and LOVE it - thanks for sharing!!!