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I have SERIOUSLY neglected my blog - which will probably be the case this year, due to having to learn a new curriculum. So far, 5th grade is going great! I have a great team and great kiddos. I am one of those teachers who cannot do enough... so I work and work and work at trying to get better for my students. With this, I am very tired after the first few weeks! Of course, I do not know any differently. I just cannot let things go, which I need to work on...

This month will go by fast, I am sure:

  • Hubby's 40th b-day
  • Daughter's soccer games begin again
  • My first time entering grades (eek) O_o
  • plus more...
Here is my currently for September: (be sure to link up with Farley)

Listening: Well, any time there is a SpongeBob marathon, we just have to watch...LOL. My hubby loves it more than anyone!

Loving: I am SO grateful for today off of school! I needed a day to NOT think about it (much)!

Thinking: There is just so much to do to continue to stay 'caught up.' It will all work out in the end, I know!

Wanting: I need to catch up on things: housework, unit plans, etc. 

Needing: I am pretty good at taking it one day at a time, but learning a new grade level always makes you feel a tad behind. I have never given grades, set AR goals, etc. so there has been so much to learn in such a short time. 

Love for myself: These three are pretty self-explanatory:) I need time for all the things that are MOST important to me!

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  1. I love your goals! I need to carve out more time for spending time in the Word as well.
    la Señorita Creativa

  2. I know how you feel about a new grade level...I've taught everything between 3-7 before, including a bunch of splits, but this year I'm teaching Kindergarten and gym! Ahhhh! But I'm sure both of us will be great!

    I've been neglecting my poor blog so much too, hopefully things will get better now that school is starting and I have more to talk about!

    Have a great day!

    Apples, Owls, and Peppermint Mochas

  3. I like your goal of reading the bible. I find my day goes better when I start there.

  4. We have similar goals, focusing on the truly important things! Your blog is so precious. Where do you teach in GA? My family lives there, and I went to college at Mercer, so most of my friends are still there.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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  5. thanks ladies - just taking one day at a time :) @ Melissa, we are in Northeast GA. Yes, definitely need to put the most important things first and everything else will fall into place!!