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Have you seen these?

They are one of my new 'gotta have' items in my room. The kiddos love them, they are bright colors, and they focus my students' attention on important announcements! I wish I had more photos to show, but for now it is important to just know what I use them for:

  • Highlighting important announcements
  • Due dates
  • Learning Targets/Objectives/Standards
  • Pointing out important Parts of Speech in sentences
  • Pointing out specific vocabulary
  • the list goes on...
Where can you get them? Here: 

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  1. I want those! I have seen them at Mardel, but I couldn't really justify the purchase because I don't really need them. I would love to see some pictures of how you use them!

    Simply 2nd Resources

  2. Those are so cool! I need to add those to my room!

    Turtley Loving Teaching