Five for Friday... brrrr!

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. It has been a CRAZY week! Link up below:

It is COLD here in Georgia AND we had 3 SNOW DAYS!!! I do not mind a little snow, like we had. Although I did enjoy those few days off and a little fun in the snow, I am SO ready for Spring! Anyone else?? Here are a few snow days pics:

I tried the panoramic photo option with my phone... it makes the house look bent...LOL!! This was a shot when the snow just began to stick. 

I now have a TpT shop & Facebook page. Might as well join along since I have been creating items since 2003! Go check them out if you have the chance! Never had the need to have the FB page in the past, so hopefully I can keep up with it, my own personal account, AND the page for our school! LOL!

Read a little further in our class novel, Out of the Dust, and I am very much enjoying this text! There is so much figurative language. My students are having to search throughout the text to identify different types of figurative language AND they must provide 2 examples, giving the type and meaning, as their Exit ticket.

How is BYOT going since we began on January 21st? Wonderfully!! We are slowly implementing different apps. One thing we have tried first is our exit tickets though Edmodo. Edmodo is my new best friend. The quiz portion is easy to use (and grade to give feedback), and when students turn in their exit tickets through Edmodo, I can give them very quick feedback!! They then take my feedback and make adjustments immediately! If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend using Edmodo! Here are examples of exit tickets with figurative language and our novel. 

I RARELY miss work, but took today off to spend time with my daughter on her field trip to see the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus!! We had never seen their show. They did NOT disappoint. It was amazing! Here are a few shots:

Hope you had a wonderful week!! Hello weekend!! :)

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