Morning Message (K-5)

Morning message CAN be a very important learning tool IF it is used correctly. Having a morning message without a purpose is pointless. First of all, why have a morning message time? Teachers have different purposes for their morning message. Many use it to introduce or practice skills. Others use it as a good morning group time message. Some do not really know why they do it, they have just seen it being done and put a message up.

Morning message can be a powerful tool. How? By embedding many skills throughout the message, you can teach and reteach with ease. After thinking a lot about morning message time when I taught Kindergarten, the purpose was primarily for catching writing mistakes. Now that I teach 5th grade, there are many skills that can be touched upon during that time, which will SAVE you time later... and allow you to formatively assess students' knowledge of certain standards.

This is the first set I have made, which is designed for use in K-2nd grades. I am working on a version for grade 3-5, as well. In this 36 week set, teachers can use one message per week. Throughout the week, I have listed certain skills to work on that are embedded throughout each message. Here is a sneak peek. You can purchase this set in the K, 1st, or 2nd grade in my shop at the grade level links above.

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