Another Arctic Blast is on the Way... O_o

Okay... is there any one (besides myself) that is freaking out with all the winter weather in the south? Don't get me wrong, I love a little snow here and there, but the fact is, I have to finish this novel THIS week!!! EEK! We have a couple of weeks before our GA State Writing Assessment, and I wanted to model a mock test before then and go over some loose ends. How are you managing the make up of weather in your neck of the woods?

One of my colleagues sent this to our group this week & it made me laugh, as I am having to take a few more ibuprofen due to increased headaches lately... or is it the change in weather? Hmmm...

One stressed out teacher...

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  1. We've missed ELEVEN days since Christmas break. We were to make-up a day this past Friday (originally a teacher inservice day) but ended up having a cold day instead! Looks like we might have day 12 this week. I've given up trying to make-up work. Whenever we are at school, we work... sigh!

  2. Oh ny goodness, this weather is put a kink in my plans! We have IEP's scheduled and yes, prep for the writing test. Hoping, fingers crossed, that they postpone the test a week like they did a few years ago. A few days off this week will not help my kiddos out at all. I think I might send home an extra credit packet of work for them in case we end up home for a few days. Good luck to you, fingers crossed!

  3. I teach in Canada. Tomorrow it will be -40 in the morning. School is on. We never have cold or snow days, or we'd never go to school! There are times when I'd love to just go back to bed and have a snow day.

  4. Here in the south, they hear SNOW and it is mass confusion!! LOL! We will be alright, as I am grateful that it isn't too bad! I cannot even imagine it being -40!!!! Laura, I hope that happens! With the struggles these kids have at home, sending home anything in hopes for it to return probably isn't going to happen, but I could try! Best of luck ladies!