Close Reading Questioning...

Sometimes students think they are close reading, but they are only rereading. There needs to be a purpose when you close read. In addition, you have to look deeply at the message the author is trying to convey. This set allows students to think about different aspects of a text by asking specific questions to guide them in the close reading process.

This Close Reading Poster and Recording sheet set was designed to assist students in the close reading process. These activities are most suitable for grade 3+

This set includes the following:

* Poster Title "Close Reading Marks"
* 6 Chloe Reading Mark posters
* 14 Question Yourself While You Read Posters
* Close Reading Marks Recording sheet
* Close Reading Topics Recording sheet (author's point of view, evidence to support claims, etc.)
* 2 Close Reading Question Yourself While You Read recording sheets
* 1 Blank sheet (for personalization write in)

Recording sheets can be used with ANY close reading. 

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Click the image to check out the set:

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