Figuratively Speaking...

The more we work with figurative language (FL), the better my students get with it. We have been reading Out of the Dust and pulling our different examples of different types of figurative language. By the end of our reading each day, they must have pulled 2 different examples from the text, decide the type, tell how they determined the type, and explained the meaning. When we first began, students were getting them mixed up. After a week and a half for practice and stopping and modeling with the students, they are getting MUCH better!! Now, I want them to work more independently with digging deeper to understand the different types of figurative language. Here is a set I created to allow students to work with and dig deeper... Students will read a short passage, find 2 examples of FL, and explain how they determined the type. In addition, they will 'HUNT' for FL in their text (any text) and do the same. It is not only important to identify FL, they must be able to explain the meaning AND explain how they know it is that particular type (I do not want them guessing)! Visit my TpT store to grab a copy! Thanks!

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