Save INK and have CUTE posters/borders!

Do you want to have cute borders on posters you download from TpT, but need to save some color INK? Mine is expensive, so I have to use it with caution!! Well, I have a solution (I am sure someone in this big world has already thought of this, but just in case...) :

First, go to Hobby Lobby or other craft store and pick up some CUTE (matching) scrapbook paper.

Next, print the posters in black and white. Cut the border portion OFF!

Now, you have the content portion of the posters.

Once you have cut them all out, attach them to colorful tagboard, colorful printer paper, or scrapbook paper! Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy! SO SIMPLE, and will save you on the cost of ink AND you can still have cute colorful posters ;)

*Changed from Chevron to colorful :)*

So, the next time you think twice about purchasing those cute posters with all those colors... just remember you can save ink by using this money saving tip!

Posted on July 17, 2014

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