Save INK and have CUTE posters/borders!

Do you want to have cute borders on posters you download from TpT, but need to save some color INK? Mine is expensive, so I have to use it with caution!! Well, I have a solution (I am sure someone in this big world has already thought of this, but just in case...) :

First, go to Hobby Lobby or other craft store and pick up some CUTE (matching) scrapbook paper.

Next, print the posters in black and white. Cut the border portion OFF!

Now, you have the content portion of the posters.

Once you have cut them all out, attach them to colorful tagboard, colorful printer paper, or scrapbook paper! Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy! SO SIMPLE, and will save you on the cost of ink AND you can still have cute colorful posters ;)

*Changed from Chevron to colorful :)*

So, the next time you think twice about purchasing those cute posters with all those colors... just remember you can save ink by using this money saving tip!

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Constructed Response Questions (CRQs) Strategy Posters

With the new assessments coming into play, students will be expected to answer more constructed response questions. Are they ready? Do they have strategies to assist them in being successful?

This Constructed Response Strategy Poster (PLUS graphic organizers) set focuses on two strategies that assist students in gathering all necessary information in order to fully answer CRQs.

JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK to try to WIN this set FREE!

Click the image for more details:

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Classroom Management ~ Pick Your Partner

How many times do you have your students work in partners? Would you like them to work with different partners throughout the year? Here is a classroom management tool that makes it fun and easy to choose partners. With these cards, you can have flexible partnerships all year long! My 5th graders enjoyed working with a variety of folks and really enjoyed finding their partner through this short activity. Click the image for more details:

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Writing Process Cards

I had a few folks vote to see what types of items you would like me to create. It was a tie: Classroom Management and Close Reading. Here is a set of Writing Process cards. Each child would have a set to use. This is an easy way to manage and see at which step each child is on throughout the writing process. There are 8 different color options. Click on the image to view details:

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Colorful Writing

I am in the process of making Writer's Workshop and Reader's Workshop notebook pages. I wanted to throw a freebie out in case others might want to grab this sheet for the Writer's notebook - this page would be used to assist students in using better word choice. Click the image to get the FREEBIE:

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Why teach?

As time passes, many of us (including myself) get caught up in the paper work, the meetings, the professional learning, the back to school excitement, the end of year excitement, the parent conferences, the providing feedback, the progress monitoring, the writing IEPs, the pyramid of intervention, the flexible groups, the this and that and the list could go on...

We get SO caught up in it all that we forget to REFLECT upon the true reason we became a teacher in the first place. Well, for me, it is ALL about the children. My students. I am 'school mom' for 160+ days of the year, and that brings forth so much joy. My students. I truly feel the Lord shaped me into becoming a teacher. He prepared me all throughout my life to serve Him through my love for children.

I am entering my 11th year of teaching and somehow (even as early as I am still in my career) I lost sight of my true reason for becoming a teacher. In the midst of meetings, teacher evaluations, Common Core, and the rest, DO NOT allow yourself to forget the underlying reason that led you to teach. For some, it may be an entirely different reason. But for me, it is my love for the children - not even seeing the light bulb come on - just loving the children. Take time to reflect! Set aside a time each year to reflect upon the foundation that led you into the world of teaching.

When did I wake up and realize I had forgotten (not really that I had forgotten, but that other things had blurred my vision of it)? I was asked by a couple of colleagues to try for an Academic Coach position at our school. I was ready for it, I really WAS ready... Until... I prayed about it and asked the Lord to guide me. Wow... what an amazing feeling that was! Although I was ready for an interview, and even had turned in my application, my heart and mind were going in different directions. My mind was telling me that this was a great opportunity to move up, yet my heart (the Lord) was telling me that I needed to recall the very reason I went into this profession - the children and my love for each of them - this is where my joy lies. HE prepared me, HE opened doors for me, and now I needed to listen to HIM.

Don't get caught up in all the ins and outs and craziness that goes along with this amazing job of teaching. Instead, take time to truly reflect upon why it is you chose to become a teacher. There is no other job like ours, so remember why you are there. Please comment below about what led you to become a teacher...

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Blog Design Make Over!

If you want a cute and fun blog design, please check out my site: Digital Doodle Designs

I am very reasonable, as I know teachers are on a budget! Here are a few (pre-made) designs I have available:

You can also have a CUSTOM design made (I made my page here @ 2 Fulbright Hugs). Check out all the details on my page!

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Need your feedback!

I am always wondering what types of items you would MOST like to see created. If you could, please complete the poll below, which will guide me in my next steps. I will also include a poll later for freebies!! Thank you in advance for your feedback!


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