Currently July - Already??

Wow! Summer sure is flying by... which means back to school. Don't get me wrong, I love my school babies, but also loving all the precious time with my family!

What am I currently doing on this raining day in Georgia? Linking up with Farley:)

I am actually in the middle of working on an awesome set that I hope to release tomorrow! I also posted my Independence Day sale in my TpT store (check it out this weekend)! In the midst of doing those things, I love to listen to light music in the background. We have a local station that plays a mixture, which I love a variety. Some new, some old, some of this, some of that...

I have spent much quality time with my family so far this summer, and I am grateful for every moment... going by way too quickly!

With creating and revamping some products, I have been staying up WAY too late and am totally off of my usually sleeping pattern - how many of you out there have a summer sleeping schedule that gets WAY off?? EEK! It always catches up with me the first few days back to work LOL.

All STAR games have been going on locally and abroad... and when thinking about what I am really good at, I think about what people have constantly told me. There are two things I hear repeatedly...

1) You are able to truly connect with your students and they respect you due to the positive relationships you form with them.

2) You are organized and manage your classroom flow very effectively.

I truly value the fact that I am good at something, especially the first one - it is very important to me and is the essence of what I do each day.

I know there are so many talented educators out there... what do you feel or are told you are amazing at doing?

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Independence Day Sale

Happy Independence Day! Praying it is a safe one for everyone. I have a sale for you on select items in my TpT store. Head on over and save by clicking the image below:

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Pick 5 or 10 and SAVE $ {and win}

I was thinking about how to save customers $ when purchasing multiple items, so I created a PICK 5 and PICK 10 set. There are 16 items to choose from. Click each image to see details:

The first TEN people to purchase either set will be entered to win ANY item from my store!

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Fulbright's Friday FREEBIE!

Once a month {on a RANDOM Friday}, I will be posting a FREEBIE to all followers on my TpT page. Please head on over, so you can begin receiving the random freebies EXCLUSIVE to TpT followers! :) Click the image to head on over and FOLLOW me!